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Ford updates Mustang Mach-E specs, opens order book – Electrek

Ford is updating the Mustang Mach-E specs, more specifically horsepower and torque, as it gets closer to production and opens the order book for the electric car.

As Ford continues testing ahead of the start of production, it’s figuring out that it can get a little more out of the electric SUV.

Earlier this year, the automaker reported that the Mustang Mach-E electric car charges 30% faster than they previously thought.

Now Ford is also confirming power and torque increase for all versions of the Mach-E.

Ron Heiser, Mustang Mach-E chief program engineer, commented:

We remain dedicated to delivering on the promise of the Mustang name. These better-than-estimated performance figures show that our team is squeezing every last bit of performance out of this vehicle so that it not only delivers Mustang style but Mustang soul as well.

We actually already spotted some of those specs bump in dealer documents, but Ford has now made it official:

  • RWD Standard Range Mach-E:
    • 266 hp / 317 lb-ft / 198 kW​
    • (+11 hp, +11 lb-ft, +8 kW from original specs)​
  • RWD Extended Range Mach-E:
    • 290 hp / 317 lb-ft / 216 kW​
    • (+8 hp, +11 lb-ft, +6 kW from original specs)​
  • AWD Standard Range Mach-E:
    • 266 hp / 428 lb-ft / 198 kW​
    • (+11 hp, +11 lb-ft, +8 kW from original specs)​
  • AWD Extended Range Mach-E:
    • 346 hp / 428 lb-ft / 258 kW​
    • (+14 hp, +11 lb-ft, +10 kW from original specs)​

Today, Ford is also announcing that it is opening the order book for the Mustang Mach-E in the US.

It means that reservation holders can now change their reservations into orders and new buyers can place orders with dealerships.

The final price needs to be agreed upon with your local dealership, and as we recently reported, some early buyers are being quoted markups of as much as $15,000 on the Mach-E.

However, many dealers have agreed not to mark up the electric, so make sure to not accept any markup on the vehicle.

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