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Poll: What PS5 Information Do You Want Most? – Push Square

Price? Release date? Launch games?

PS5 Poll

It feels like an age has passed since the PlayStation 5 was revealed. We’re all sitting here hungry to hear more, but Sony’s been silent on its next-gen plans ever since the big event in the middle of June. The Japanese giant still has so much to information to share. We don’t have a price. We don’t have a release date. We don’t even know what the console’s launch lineup of games looks like. What are the specifics of backwards compatibility? Will the damn thing even fit underneath the TV?

The answers to these questions will inevitably arrive in time — and probably soon. Let’s not forget that the PS5 — according to Sony — will launch holiday 2020. Mass production of the system has already started, giving the firm just a handful of months to detail everything that we need to know.

But all of that’s up in the air until we have a confirmed date for PlayStation’s next showing. And as such, we’re wondering what information you want most with regards to the PS5. What should Sony tell us about next? Let us know in our poll, and then give us your reasoning in the comments section below.

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