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Tfue and FaZe Clan reach settlement over contract lawsuit – Dexerto

The long saga of streaming star Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney’s lawsuit against FaZe Clan finally seems to have come to a close as both parties have said they’ve now settled outside of court.

Back in May of 2019, Tfue stunned the internet when it was revealed that he was suing FaZe Clan for over an “oppressive contract” that allegedly restricted his business opportunities and claimed that the org took up to 80 percent of his earnings.

Since then, the two parties went back and forth between cases in both California and New York. In July of 2020, a California judge dismissed several claims in the case and it seemed like we were destined to see a showdown between the two play out in New York courts.

That is, until August 26, when according to an email obtained by Forbes, both Tfue and Faze have announced they’ve settled the lawsuit outside of court, putting the legal odyssey to an end and releasing the Fortnite star from the org.

Twitch: Epic Games

The email claims FaZe and Tfue have “resolved their disputes” but didn’t mention how much it cost.

“Faze and Turner Tenney are pleased to announce they have resolved their disputes and settled their litigations,” the email from both sides legal teams read. “The parties wish one another the best of luck in future endeavors.”

The details of how exactly the lawsuit was settled, including how much money might have changed hands, is unknown, but it must have been attractive enough an offer to both sides for them to drop the 15-month contract dispute.

All eyes were on Tfue and FaZe, with the lawsuit being the first major one of its kind we’ve seen in esports, with a streamer/player taking on their sponsoring org over their piece of the pie, so to speak. Tenney’s might not have been the first, but he and FaZe Clan can definitely be considered two of the biggest names in Fortnite, which definitely made it the most publicized.

Tfue in FaZe Clan
FaZe Clan

After being released from FaZe, it’s unknown what Tfue is planning next, or if he’ll join with another org in the future.

Minus however much money either party received in the settlement, it’s pretty clear where FaZe Clan stands now that this is all over with Tenney no longer part of the organization.

What’s less clear is what Tfue will do now that he’s finally free from FaZe. He’s continued to be a successful streamer and build his brand on Twitch the entire time lawyers were battling it out in court, but whether or not he’ll join another esports org in the future or continue to go it alone is unknown.

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