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The National Hurricane Center is monitoring four areas for potential tropical development

(CNN)The 2020 hurricane season continues to be record-breaking and on the heels of last week’s devastating Hurricane Laura, the National Hurricane Center is closely watching four areas for possible tropical development.

On average, there are only 11 named storms in a year. This season isn’t even half way through and there have already been 13 named systems.
Over the next 48 hours, two new systems closest to the United States have a high potential for development, each with a 70% chance of tropical formation.
One of them is off the southeast coast of the US. It is about 150 miles south-southeast of Wilmington, North Carolina.
“This system has become better organized overnight, and a tropical depression is likely to form within a day or so,” the National Hurricane Center said Monday.
The good news with this system is that it is forecast to remain offshore and move northeast and out across the Atlantic.
“The area worth watching is the one north of Venezuela,” says CNN meteorologist Chad Myers. “All the forecast models take it right into the Yucatán, but if it moves north toward the Gulf of Mexico, we would need to be more concerned.”
The system is about to enter more favorable conditions for development, the NHC says. It’s likely to become a tropical depression in the next day or two.
If these two areas develop and become strong enough, with winds of 39 mph or higher, they will be named Nana and Omar.
If Nana forms before September 6th, it would be the earliest storm staring with the letter “N,” breaking the record set by Nate in 2005, according to Phil Klotzbach, a research scientist at Colorado State University. And the earliest named ‘O’ storm is Ophelia, which formed September 7th, 2005.
Across the Atlantic Ocean close to Africa, another two systems are being monitored.
Both have a low chance of formation over the next several days. One area of concern is several hundred miles southwest of Cape Verde Islands but only has a 10% chance of development over 5 days.
The other area is a system the NHC expects to emerge off the coast of Africa over the next several days. This system has a 30% chance of tropical development over 5 days.
“Dozens of waves come off Africa every year but we don’t have dozens of hurricanes,” says Myers. “These are just areas of unsettled weather that the National Hurricane Center watches in case they grow larger.”
When one of these waves does form, it can track across the Atlantic and have major impacts on the US and other countries across the Caribbean.



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