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Do you own a 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and want to turn even more heads when you’re driving around? Well, you might want to consider taking off the doors, as the owner of this particular C8 has done.

When we first saw the title of this video on YouTube, ‘Turning the C8 Corvette into a JEEP!!!’, we initially thought we’d be presented with a ‘Vette that had, somehow, been transformed into an off-roader with a lift kit and some beefy wheels and tires – an odd mod, to say the least. While (thankfully…) that’s not the case, it is still an interesting and entertaining video.

This Corvette is already quite eye-catching thanks to the camouflage wrap adorning the exterior. However, removing the doors might, apart from fun, be a tad too much for the mid-engined American supercar.

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As with any car, removing the doors of the Corvette is not a particularly laborious process and we imagine driving it in this configuration adds a new element to the driving experience. Admittedly, this isn’t something we would recommend as it could prove to be a rather ill-fated decision if you were to ever be involved in a crash – not to mention the buffeting the driver and passenger would have to deal with.

Speaking of the C8 Corvette and doors, a company by the name of Eikon Motorsport recently launched its custom scissor doors for the sports car. Pricing details for the doors have yet to be announced but they certainly add to the car’s exotic looks, even though they do seem somewhat at odds with the rest of the design.

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