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So long Google Wi-Fi: network import to Google Home app has begun

So long Google Wi-Fi: network import to Google Home app has begun

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In a staged roll-out that was first announced in early August, Google has finally opened the floodgates and is beginning the transition away from the standalone Google Wi-Fi app. No worries here if you currently use a Google Wi-Fi router as this is simply moving the controls over from the soon-to-be retired Google Wi-Fi app seamlessly over to the Google Home app where it belongs.

Since October of last year when Google launched the Nest Router, the Google Home app has been responsible for the discovery, setup, and management of that newer mesh router system. We have one set up in the office and I love the fact that my Wi-Fi network can be viewed and managed in my Home app alongside all the other smart home devices we have set up here. At home, however, I have the last-gen Google Wi-Fi and have been tethered to the older, unnecessary Google Wi-Fi app as well when I need to keep tabs on my network.

That is no longer the case as the migration over to Google Home is finally here and becoming available for everyone who needs it. The entire process took all of 3 minutes and afterwards, I now have all my network controls for my Google Wi-Fi router in my Google Home app just like I have for the Nest Wi-Fi at the office. There isn’t much functional difference in the two, honestly, but this means I get to remove another needless app from my phone and I’m always a fan of trimming the fat. Another tidbit is the fact that the Google Home app now shows my router as a Nest Wi-Fi, not a Google Wi-Fi. Well, OK, then.

To see if you are up for the move, you simply need to open up your Google Home app and scroll through the suggestion chips up top. For me, the option to migrate my Google Wi-Fi setup was the last in the list, so I had to scroll all the way over to the right to see it. Follow the steps (I’ve dropped in the whole process in pictures below) and your Google Wi-Fi setup will soon be in your Google Home app. It was smoother than I expected and quicker than I’d hoped. Check out the visual walk-through below or open up your Google Home app and just dive in. It won’t take you very long.

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