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Take, for instance, the

“Shelby GT500CR Carbon Edition”

that starts at $298,000. The Oklahoma-based builder has enlisted carbon-fiber specialist


for the body shell of the slithering serpent, which is treated with BASF Glasurit UV-protected clear coat and beautified by the Le Mans gas cap.

Each build takes more than 2,000 hours from start to finish, and it’s easy to understand why. In addition to the carbon-clad body, Classic Restorations works its magic on the chassis with tubular subframe connectors, adjustable coilovers, sway bars, Wilwood six- and four-piston brake calipers, and power rack-and-piston steering complemented by a Flaming River tilt column. Under the hood, you are treated to a Coyote Gen 3 crate engine and a Whipple supercharger for a grand total of 810 horsepower at the crankshaft.

Limited to 25 units per year, the Carbon Edition comes with a six-speed manual transmission from Tremec, a Strange Engineering 9.0-inch Fab rear end with 3.70 gears and Posi Traction, as well as 18-inch aluminum wheels. An 18-gallon fuel tank and Vaporworx twin fuel pumps are also standard.

When it comes to optional extras, Classic Restorations has a grand total of six, starting with KPH gauges at $500 and right-hand drive at $12,500. Other extras include the touchscreen infotainment with satellite navigation, a Stillwater Designs five-channel amplifier, a subwoofer, and speakers.

Having mentioned the $300k starting price of this licensed replicar that’s registered in the Shelby Registry, care to guess how much a real GT500 costs these days? Mecum sold chassis number 00988 for $330,000 only recently, $15,000 more than the highest pre-auction estimate of $315,000.

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