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Who’s gettin’ nerfed?


Update: The new Dragon Ball FighterZ Show stream is now live. Come watch the Master Roshi breakdown with us in the story below.

The day Dragon Ball FighterZ players have been waiting for is finally here since we’ll soon be learning about Master Roshi and the next competitive step for the popular fighting game.

Bandai Namco will be holding a new stream for the Dragon Ball FighterZ Show beginning at 11 a.m. PT where the publishers are set to fully breakdown the new character, reveal what’s coming in the upcoming balance patch and discuss more about the online replacement for the world tour.

Apologyman is the luckly guy who’ll be showing off what all Master Roshi can do including how his Super Dash replacements will work and so, so much more than we’ve seen in previous trailers.

A new balance update is coming with the turtle hermit later this month which they previously revealed to focus quite a bit on adjusting the game’s Z Assists since FighterZ added two more for every character this season. More details are scheduled to be announced during the stream.

The Dragon Ball FighterZ National Championships are starting next month where five regions will receive eight invited players each to compete against their fellow countrymen between Spain, USA East, USA West, France and Japan.

Player invitations will be revealed today as well.

It wouldn’t be a DBFZ Show either without actual matches, so Bandai Namco is bringing in WYG|Kawa and T9N from Argentina to showcase what their scene’s got along with more exhibitions from Wade, Yasha, MrPopo and Hemeos.

Tyrant and Damascus will once again be hosting the event which you can catch with us when it goes live below on the Dragon Ball FighterZ Twitch channel.

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